Created by a CGI pioneer Olivier Emery (Imagix3D), Trimaran VFX is a Post Production and VFX vendor in Paris known for its 3D animations for feature films, series and docu-dramas.

For 30 years, our team has been experimenting with digital images, combining real shots, 2D/3D integration, compositing, matte painting and virtual CGI reconstruction.

Recently, Trimaran VFX delivered stunning CGI and VFX shots for the first 2 seasons of the docu-drama series “Legends of the Pharaohs” for Canal+ & Smithsonian Channel and is nominated to the PIDS 2023 in the “VFX-Environment” category.

Our studio just finished working on 2 new series on “Vikings” and “Mayas” stories.

In the near past we awarded for the science fiction film “Blood Machines” by Seth Ickerman, and nominated several times at the PIDS, for “Le Saut du Diable” by Abel Ferry, “White Soldier” by Erick Zonca (International Emmy Award), and some more…

Let’s push our limits and elevate your ideas to new heights together!

Latest projects