Founded in 1984 as one of the few pioneers of computer generated images, BUF has been blazing new trails for over 35 years providing stunning visual effects for more than 1000 films and 850 commercials.

Over the years, BUF has distinguished itself through its unwavering commitment to building superlative pictures and crafting atmospheres that not only support and enhance the narrative but above all, bring to life the directors vision. By bringing its expert craftsmanship to each project, BUF embraces new artistic challenges that allow for equitable and incomparable results. BUF’s ongoing commitment to advanced technologies and artistic craftsmanship is widely known for the “bullet time effect” seen in The Matrix, originally developed for Michel Gondry’s video clips; and the “camera mapping” techniques which allowed David Fincher to introduce a new visual language in Fight Club.

BUF’s work force amounts to 200 employees, CG artists and engineers working from our Paris and Montreal facilties and a liaison office in Los Angeles. Since its inception, BUF’s primary focus has been devoted to its in-house research and development team which creates the software and pipeline(s) needed to fully realize any Director’s vision. As of today, BUF is one of the few companies in this domain which exclusively uses its own proprietary software from pre-visualization to final render.

Building on 30 years of experience, BUF’s goal remains to provide the best quality pictures with no other limit than one’s imagination.

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